I Purchased From You A Rolex Replica Watch Costing Over £100

Unbelievable customer service last email you said you would send a new watch now your asking me to wait for a new clasp and take once again. To jewellers simply not good enough.

I purchased from you a replica Rolex watch costing over £100 I have had no end of problems first watch had a faulty clasp and spent money getting local jewellers to look at this to confirm it was faulty.

Second watch – again something wrong with the clasp fastener! Again paid money to have this looked at again confirmed by a jewellers something wrong with the fastener (won’t open and jeweller has sad can force but will definitely break the clasp) the watch also loses time and is constantly 10 minutes slow.

I have sent two emails to your customer services and still had no reply which is highly unprofessional I have got advise to a specialist online overseas agent who has told me I am well within my rights to get a full refund.

I don’t want another watch as I am most unhappy with the product and most of all the service therefore I would like a full refund going back into my account which I paid for the replica watches UK.

Sorry for the delay, I was in California on business.  Here’s the back of the watch bracelet that will not stay locked.  It just pops open constantly.  I can’t wear the watch.  As your records reflect it’s the 41MM all gold Day-Date II.  Please mail me a new bracelet for the watch.

Okay, send me your website again.  I went to a watch repair shop a couple weeks ago and they said the way the clasp was, it wasn’t a proper fit for it to stay locked properly.  They could rebuild a piece, but the cost wasn’t worth it. Please let me know the discount you’ll offer and I’ll pick something out this weekend, with a different clasp type.