Can You Send Me A Rolex Replica Watch Already Assembled In China?

I checked out reviews from previous buyers and the general thought were you either supplied inferior watches to the photos on your website or nothing at all, with little chance of refunds or replacements, so too much of a risk. I was looking at a watch for £100 for a friend, so although not a massive amount of money when it is someone else then it is a lot and a risk.

Replica Rolex Watch

If I could pay through PayPal where you get to pay 14 days after the purchase then that would work.

Well to be honest the Rolex replica watches were really overpriced for what they  are.  I have had terrible problems with the clasp as it is so stiff.

The Cartier hasn’t even got the strap attached and I can’t get a watch repairers screwdriver small enough to fit the strap,so that will have to go to a proper jeweller which will make the whole order very expensive indeed.

Replica Rolex Watch

I have taken the watch to a jeweller and they cannot get the screw out to fit the clasp on the strap.

The screws are really small and there must be a problem with the head of the screw.

Can you send me a watch already assembled in China and I will return this watch.

It’s for a present so you will have to send it very quickly.

Without the watch having the clasp working it can’t be worn. I am very pleased with the other watch and the Cartier but so frustrated that it can’t be worn to give as a present.

Replica Rolex Watch

You have my word that I will return this watch when I receive the replacement.

I saw your replica for the Breitling Chronomat Evolution Two Tone Blue dial.
It looks exactly as the real thing except for the blue color which is a little different. I have the following questions:
1. Is this the picture of the actual watch that you sell?
2. If so – can it be that the difference in the blue color results from the quality of the picture and practically it is the same as the real one?
3. If this is your blue and it differs from the real one – do you have the exact watch but with black dial?
4. Can you email me a clear picture of the actual watch that you sell?
5. How much do you charge for shipping to Israel and will your shipping documents make sure that I don’t need to pay import tax?

Replica Rolex Watch

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